Porn actor James Deen co-starred with Lindsay Lohan in 2013's "The Canyons," playing Christian, a "film producer who enjoys filming his own three-way sex sessions," according to Indie Wire.

Deen had gained quite a fan following for his boy-next-door look and has been profiled by GOOD magazine and ABC's "Nightline." Take a look at some other adult movie stars who have transitioned into mainstream Hollywood.

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Ron Jeremy, also known as "The Hedgehog," is considered one of the most successful porn stars in the industry. " He spoke with CNN about his return to work after a heart scare.

Before Jenna Jameson starred in her first pornographic film in 1993, she had been a dancer at a strip club and had posed in Hustler, Penthouse and Cheri.

Kross describes herself to her 136,000 Twitter followers as a "reformed atheist" who now believes "illogical and scientifically unsupported things about David Foster Wallace instead." Wallace is a reknowned author and essayist who died in 2008.

"The porn people could care less who I'm reading," Kross told CNN's Jim Spellman.

If viewers of a new movie trailer tweet that there is too much emphasis on male characters, Palumbo will make a call to the edit department asking for changes.

The performers who are successful on Twitter are the ones who open themselves up and share parts of their non-professional life with fans, allowing followers a window into their off-camera personalities.

MODO curioso di combattere il cosiddetto revenge porn, cioè l'orrido fenomeno che porta ex partner a diffondere su internet, spesso via social network e chat, foto e video in situazioni intime.

Facebook ha stretto un accordo con l’autorità del governo australiano per la sicurezza elettronica al fine di sviluppare un sistema in grado di intercettare ed eliminare tempestivamente questo genere di contenuti ed escluderli dalla piattaforma.

Sasha Grey made her entrance in the pornographic film industry just after she turned 18.

By 21, she had become a veteran and won several Adult Video News awards.

Il tutto utilizzando gli stessi meccanismi di intelligenza artificiale già sfruttati per il riconoscimento facciale nelle immagini o in altri servizi offerti da Menlo Park. Il che non è sempre scontato: una foto intima potrebbe essere stata scattata con lo smartphone dell’ex partner e addio possibilità di recupero.